My Yamaha FG Junior

What’s up?

I want to tell you something, You wanna hear(read)?


aawww yeaaah, here we go…

I have a guitar and this is my first guitar. This guitar is Yamaha FG Junior.

Back then when I was in fifth grade of elementary school, my dad gave me this guitar.

This guitar has a unique look. It’s smaller than usual guitar, I think maybe this is why it’s called FG Junior.

I guess the senior one is bigger.

Then, I can proudly say this guitar is one of my best friend.

Here’s why: I did a lot of things with this guitar.

I have sung a song for a girl, played guitar in school concert, or just for having fun with my friends.

You know, it’s fun to sing a song for girl using guitar so I did it and that girl back then also loved it.

Then, yeah I was in a band several years ago in high school. It’s a cool thing to do in high school time; forming a band.

So I can tell that I got unforgettable experience playing guitar in front of some students especially girls and some teachers in school concert.

You know what, those cute school girls were singing along with us (my band) and I can’t forget the sensation of it.

The feeling when you string your guitar, and the vocalist open his mouth with his eyes staring to the crowd and the broken heart lyric hypnotically makes the crowd (mostly girls) crying because they really felt it like it happens to their life.

And in the end of the song, when it’s over; those girls hysterically screamed.

That was a nice experience that I could get with this amazing guitar.

Anyway, I have purchased another guitar several years ago, but still my first guitar is the best that I have ever had in my life. I don’t why, maybe because of the story I told you before.

By the way, I still play this guitar very often.

Finally, I want to say thanks for reading this… I don’t know who you are, but have a good day!


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